Clubs and Organizations

Adviser: Kevin Riley

Adviser: Teri Furlong

Bread and Roses is located in Lawrence, MA, serving the community by providing meals for needy people in the area. Students participating in W.H.S. Bread and Roses project have come together from many student organizations. These students are dedicated to helping others and have committed to providing Bread and Roses with one meal a month. This commitment is a serious one, for 250-300 people will be depending upon us for their main meal. Students will be preparing food and supplying holiday needs to the Guests of Bread and Roses.

Adviser: Lisa Desberg

Club WHS, which stands for Wilmington's Helping Services, is a community service club. All WHS students are encouraged to be a member and lend a helping hand to their school and community through different service projects.

Adviser: Matthew Hackett

Model UN gives students the opportunity to discover, through simulation, how the United Nations works to collectively promote world peace and cooperate on a variety of international issues. Students who enjoy politics, world affairs, other cultures, debating, and compromise will love Model UN. The club is open to all grade levels.

Adviser: Margie Dunlap

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is a national organization for high school students enrolled in a qualified business course. DECA gives students the opportunity to compete with other DECA members in district, state, and national competition. Wilmington High School DECA members have advanced to national competition and recently participated in the competition in Atlanta and Southern California. Student leadership, vocational understanding, social skills, and philanthropic activities are the focus of this program. DECA helps prepare its members to be future leaders in the fields of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.


Adviser: Terresa Pietro

The Wilmington High School Environmental Club is a student-centered organization formed to help protect, conserve and improve on environmental issues within WHS. The club will also raise awareness on a local level.

Advisers: Mia Parvianen and Lisa Bellavia

“Expressions,” Wilmington High School's Art and Literary Magazine, showcases the art, poetry, fiction, and other creative work of students in grades 9-12. “Expressions” is open to all students interested in the planning and the production of the publication, which comes out each spring. Students will solicit submissions, participate in layout decisions, and help to develop a magazine they and their classmates can enjoy.

Advisers: Joanne Veliz and Terresa Pietro

The Foreign Language Club at Wilmington High School gives students an opportunity to have cultural experiences close to home. Through food, films, games, and related activities and field trips, the Foreign Language Club allows students to further explore the knowledge they bring from their own foreign language classes and provides them with an introduction to other cultures as well.

There will be an informational meeting of the Foreign Language Club on Thursday, October 14th in Room 230. Regular meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each month. All interested students are welcome!

Adviser: Dan Indiciani

The main goal of the GSA is to educate the school and community about the effects of homophobia, eliminate harassment and discrimination as well as assuring self esteem for all of the students at Wilmington High School. We are dedicated to creating a safe school environment in which all students can feel accepted for who they are.


Adviser: Michael Ferrara

Adviser: TBA

The club is designed to help support and raise money for the local servicemen and servicewomen and their families. Money that we raise from our fundraisers and other events throughout the year will be given to our town of Wilmington Local Heroes Committee. They will send care packages to each one of our Local Heroes during the next year to demonstrate our appreciation for their service.

Adviser: Mary Sullivan

Adviser:Lori Trites

Medical Careers Club introduces Wilmington High School students to potential careers in the field of Medicine and Science. Through on site visits and job shadowing, students are encouraged to become involved with volunteerism and caring for those less fortunate while they explore opportunities in the field of healthcare. Students participate in providing a monthly meal for individuals and families in Lawrence, MA, visit senior shut-ins at Deming Way, and support the Wilmington Firefighters' Toy Drive during the holidays.

Adviser: Tracey Kassin

The WHS Mentor Program is committed to welcoming incoming freshmen and new students to Wilmington High School and helping to ease the transitional process. By bringing diverse groups of students together in a social environment, we will create a climate positive school spirit that will help acclimate new students to the community. By working with WHS administration, guidance counselors, teachers, coaches and advisers, we hope to educate students about all the opportunities that our school has to offer. Our mentors will serve as a support system and will facilitate communication with new students and encourage them to meet their school's academic, social, and community expectations.

Adviser:Kevin Riley

Mock Trial is a statewide competition in which students are competing against their peers from other schools in the Massachusetts Bar Institute annual Mock Trial Program. This program is sponsored by the Boston Law Firm of Brown, Rudnick, Freed, & Gesmer. The Mock Trial Program has attracted 110 high school teams from all regions of the commonwealth. The goal of the Mock Trial Program is to further an understanding of the law, court procedures, and our legal system while helping students to sharpen their analytical, listening and speaking skills. It also seeks to promote better communication and cooperation between the school community and legal profession.

Adviser: Maura Tucker

Wilmington High School's chapter of the National Honor Society was established to encourage and recognize students who are outstanding in scholarship, character, leadership and service. The selection of members to our chapter shall be by a majority vote of the W.H.S. Faculty Council.

NHS Handbook

ROBOTICS TEAM (FTC Team # 14969)
Advisors: Julie Kim, Marlene King and Kathleen O'Brien

The mission of the Wilmington Wired Wildcats (Team #14864) is to create a place where high school students can learn about designing, building, and coding robots. The goal is to design, build, and program a robot that will compete in various regional competitions against other schools and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics programs. The vision of FIRST Robotics is to inspire young people to learn and apply science so that they can be our future STEM leaders and innovators. We welcome all students to join our team and via our various leadership positions students learn valuable collaboration, communication, and leadership skills in addition to engineering skills.

Advisers: Meghan Estrada

The Wilmington High School Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) Chapter is a student organization which encourages young people not to drive after they have consumed liquor. A contract between parents and students to help each other when in need is at the essence of the organization. 

Adviser: Michelle Hooper 

Adviser:Mike Maloney

The Student Council is an organization that includes the class officers, the Student Advisory members to the State Board of Education, the Student School Committee members, and eligible students. The purpose of the Student Council is to encourage and coordinate activities within the school, to promote practices of good citizenship, and to provide a forum for student expression. The Student Council also supervises class elections. 

Adviser:Chris Randall and John Lewis

The Wildcat News is Wilmington High School's student newspaper. The goal of the Wildcat News is to provide interested students the opportunity to report the news of the school and to learn as much as possible about journalistic technique. Issues are produced through the high school's computer facilities. School Improvement Council money provides partial funding for the paper. There is a spot for any student interested in any aspect of journalism on the Wildcat staff.

Adviser: Meghan Hinman

Yearbook is open to all students interested in taking part in the planning and layout of their yearbook. Students will take photographs, participate in layout decisions, and help to develop a yearbook they can enjoy for years to come.