Technology Education

Technology education courses in grades nine and ten have been developed and aligned to the Mass Frameworks in Science & Technology / Engineering. Students thinking of pursuing an engineering degree after Wilmington High will find these courses helpful.

All of the technology education courses are beneficial to all students through the application of classroom learning to real life situations. Rather than providing vocational training, the department offers students exploratory and enrichment experiences.

All courses are designed to help students develop the relevant knowledge, practical skills, appropriate attitudes, and work ethics necessary to pursue meaningful and and productive lives. Learning experiences are a blend of classroom and hands on activities. While the primary goal is to apply academic knowledge to practical situations, technology education also develops an appreciation for a variety of tools, materials, and processes.

Consumer values and leisure time pursuits are brought to the attention of students who are soon to become active citizens, wage earners, and purchasers of the products of industry. All young men and women are encouraged to investigate technology education and to acquire the life-long skills available through the program. The Wilmington High School graduate will understand and apply the design process to address technological problems.