Social Studies

The Social Studies Department of Wilmington High School offers a program that is designed to assist students in becoming informed citizens who appreciate the value and worth of each individual. The goals of the Social Studies Department are realized through a variety of full-year and half-year courses that draw their content from a wide spectrum of the areas referred to as the “Social Studies.” The courses have been structured and developed to meet the goals of the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework and the Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies. A student should pursue the most challenging courses available to him/her in accordance with his/her interests, abilities, possible college major(s), and career goals. Students must pass U.S. History 9, U.S. History 10 (or AP U.S. History) and World History 11 (or AP World History) to meet graduation requirements. Wilmington High School strongly believes that involvement in the Social Studies program will encourage students to contribute in a positive fashion to the interdependent society they will inherit. The Wilmington High School graduate will explain democratic/constitutional principles and practices and will demonstrate the ability to take action within a political system; will analyze basic economic problems confronting individuals, nations, and the world; will use historical evidence and primary sources to formulate positions and demonstrate understanding of both past and current issues; will analyze social problems for global and historical perspectives; and will appreciate the heritage, customs, and arts of other cultures throughout history.