In this academic area students will learn more than basic knowledge about this most relevant discipline. The skills developed through scientific study and reasoning will be of life-long value. In our ever advancing, global and highly technological society this study is more than an asset, it is a necessity. The Wilmington High School graduate will understand and apply the principles, laws and organizing ideas of the natural sciences, will use inquiry methods to conduct scientific investigations and engage in problem solving, and will address science and technology issues in the context of human affairs. Students electing science courses will be afforded all the support services necessary to experience success. These services include hands-on learning, organizational skills development, and the increased incorporation of technology in all classes. Students enrolled in science classes will have access to the station PC Lab and the Microcomputer-Based Laboratory (MBL) provided by the Science Department. Regardless of where the student is placed to begin his/her study of science at Wilmington High School, all students should plan to complete a full-year course in biology, chemistry, and physics in order to graduate. Students should plan to complete first-year courses in all three disciplines before enrolling in any second year or elective course.