The goal of the Mathematics Department at Wilmington High School is that all students will develop mathematical power through critical thinking, problem solving, and investigation. Communication of their mathematical ideas and connections to real world situations are essential for students to maintain mathematics as an integral part of their everyday lives. All mathematics courses at Wilmington High School make appropriate use of technology when it is available. The Wilmington High School graduate will use mathematical knowledge and skills to solve real world and theoretical problems by demonstrating a knowledge of geometry concepts and skills, and by using mathematical reasoning in problem solving. All students are required to complete three years of mathematics for graduation, although the Mathematics Department recommends that all students planning on pursuing higher education take a full four years. Honors level courses are designed to prepare students for the rigors of higher education and require a commitment of time, effort, seriousness of purpose and completion of a comprehensive summer project. Courses offered through the Mathematics Department are designed to provide a program for all students in order to assist them in meeting performance standards which have been designated for stated expectations of student learning.